Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


Enrique you’de better watch your fucking step from now on you cheeky cunt of a young fella.


You are crying laughing over some typos… This is the extent of your internet prowess after a day spent furiously googling the various topics you are clueless on. A very, very sad life.


Peter, grow up, mate.


Eddie Brennan must have been questioning this fella for the last couple of days


All the politicians falling over themselves to praise the speed of the Garda response to the incidents. He was strolling around town for 40 minutes attacking people.


Should this talk be moved to the appropriate thread now?


Yes, the fucking dungeon.


Which is?


Don’t think a ‘things to be swept under the carpet’ thread currently exists but there’s something for you to do today


Terrorism? Are you loose enough in your interpretation?


Is serial rape terrorism, @HBV?


I suggest you give this scenario some serious thought today, include imagery and watch some videos online.


Obviously you’re speaking from personal experience of watching these videos?

Do you do this much?

And why would you be suggesting to others to watch videos of serious crime?

Did you film these videos yourself?


Shoot out in Brussels—

More to follow.


More shootouts?



very weapons talented teachers :grin:


He’s some WUM. Maybe the greatest of all time.


they have just hit Leicester, its absolutely horrific,


I think British Gas have claimed responsibility for it.