Test Match Cricket


Goose (cook) duck duck


Ah, I know a lad who’s encountered kp. That could easily be a statement in cooks favour.


He’ll get another bat anyway.


A century for Cook.


Roooot going well too. Heavy roller out last night?


Looks like it


Cook made 147. India are 2/3 in reply to a target of 464.


no pressure cookie


8/3. Jimmy Anderson has taken two to move to 563 test wickets. Level with Glenn McGrath as the most prolific fast bowler in the history of test cricket.


I wouldn’t agree.


James Anderson world record test wicket holder for fast bowler. Fair play to him but he’ll never be regarded in same league as men below him on list.


Hard to know really.


He’s no larwood


Cook is certainly no Douglas Jardine.


Mores the pity, would love to see a bodyline series in my life. Even better if one of the cheaters got walloped by an updated larwood special


He’s not as good as the man he’s just overtaken but Anderson goes down as a great. Funnily enough, Jimmy Anderson was the final wicket, Number 563 for Glenn McGrath. Anderson is obviously peerless in swinging English conditions but he was exceptional as well when England won the Ashes in Australia in 2010/11 for the first time in 24 years, when they won in India two years later for the first time in 28 years and in South Africa.


Spot on.

McGrath rated far higher for me as he took wickets all over the world. Jimmy a great bowler but when the chips were down he could go hide & seek.

Great record to obtain, fair fucks etc.


I’d rate McGrath higher as well but Anderson also took wickets all over the world. He was the top wicket taker when England won the Ashes in Australia in 2010/11 for the first time in 24 years. He was very good in India particularly in the Calcutta test when England won a test series in India in 2012 for the first time in nearly 28 years. He was on the England side that beat the world ranked Number 1 South Africa in South Africa in 2015/16. McGrath had the advantage for almost his entire career of playing on what was by some distance the World ranked Number 1 side. Anderson was on a great England side from about 2009/2010 through to 2012/13 but a lot of the time was toiling away on a mediocre enough England team.


I see poor David Warner walked off the pitch in a club game last weekend. He took offence at the sledging he was getting. The late Phil Hughes’ brother called him “a disgrace”. He came back after a few minutes and scored 150.


He went back to get his wider bat.