Test Match Cricket


Not even Marshy could save them.


Maybe they need two Marshes.


Stumps on Day 2 in Perth. Australia 326 India 172/3

Good recovery from India from 8/2.


Kohli well set.


Kohli’s a complete nutter.
He’s standing over 2 metres from the stumps for the quicks. And hitting them.
He is tremendous fun altogether.

Australia’s first innings was exactly what this team needed, practically everyone scored, they dug in and dug out scores.
The first test was excellent, this is shaping up just as good.


What’s the new pitch like compared to the WACA?


Was supposed to be a green top, but not as fast as the traditional Waca, though the Waca has been about as fast as Luke Shaw turning for the last few years.
Much controversy about the CA closing off one of the shaded areas in the stands durimg a test wherr temps are approaching 40 degrees. Pure cost cutting, pure bastardry of the paying punters. The attendances have been shithouse
Whuch isn’t really surprising given the circumstances.
But I have to say I like the look of this Aussie team. I didn’t think I’d watch any if this summer, but they are becoming a very likeable bunch, young and enthusiastic. Hopefully Warner will never come back to posion them with his toxicity.
Smith? Dunno, they seem to be coping without him.


Is Bancroft back soon?


Pretty soon but unless he scores a shitload in the shield, he hasn’t a hope of getting back in the test side.


Who’s taken over his job with the sandpaper?


Stumps on Day 3 in Perth. Australia 326 & 132/4 India 283.

Australia leading by 175 runs. Nicely poised.


That’s six centuries Kohli’s scored in Australia.


They claimed a ball that didn’t carry to get Kohli out.


Same oul aussies.


Did you actually watch it or just dping the same old?


Australia level what has been a very good series so far with a 146 run victory in Perth.
Sets up what should be a cracking St Stephens day test match.


Dialing it in pal.


Boxing Day test.


Cheated to do it. Back at it. Same old aussies, always cheating. :joy:


What are you blathering on about?