TFK 2022 Fun Running Log Thread

No eccentric heel drops have to go below the plane of motion. Ur toe has to actually be above the heel. Saw have ur toes/ball of ur feet on a step and drop down. Rather than raise up.


Thanking you

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Cc @caulifloweredneanderthal

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A beautiful dog too.

Finally broke the mythical 25min 5k mark today.

I’m never going to be anywhere near fast, main priority is to be able to get out a few times a week but satisfying to see a bit of improvement. Knees have been giving me awful trouble for a good while but have held together reasonably ok for the last few weeks so hopefully that continues.

The running threads here are fantastic, very enjoyable and insightful reading even for the smaller fish.


Super stuff :muscle: Nothing like breaking a barrier

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Well done, I think the 25 minute 5k is a great one to make, it’s achievable for almost anybody but it takes work and you’ll know you’ve been in a battle :clap::clap:


Well done. Delighted to give that the crucial 10th like.

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Some good running in the Raheny 5 mile @Bandage and @Wexford1996.

@Wexford1996 according to my Strava you finished beside David Gillick. Was he close to you?!


I passed him early on but he must have been catching me at the end as I was slowing. It was tougher than I thought it would be and just managed to get under the 30. It’s a great event but the start area is totally unsuitable for the numbers running. Narrow roads and almost 1k in before you can relax and stop worrying about ending up on the ground. Saw one girl take a heavy fall early on. Well done @Bandage


Thanks pal. Found it tough enough today but stuck with it. I was a a couple of minutes quicker last year when I was fitter, been minding my calf since pre Christmas so suffered from lack of sessions. Agreed with @Wexford1996 about the start, thousands of people on a residential road. You can probably only fit 10 per row so it’s a very messy at the start with such a big field. You’ll always get people pushing to the front who should start further back when you don’t stream the start. First 1km-2km involves a lot of weaving and checking your stride to avoid people. Well done on going sub 30 @Wexford1996, I know you were on target for it last year but for the course being long!


Well done @Bandage and @Wexford1996, a couple of smashing runs there this morning.

Anyone here doing the John Treacy 10m in Dungarvan next Sunday?


Are these sentences linked?


@Bandage you’re friend, who posts on here, looks really happy to see you in that Twitter photo.



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Great running in Raheny boys . Sub 30 is a cracking time @Wexford1996 , great to see the calf hold up @Bandage and a good time to go with it. Shout-out to @TreatyStones as well for topping the podium at the local PR Saturday with a very good time on a notoriously difficult course. Back to the 2023 thread with me now.