TFK AFC Hall of Fame 2012

With Thanksgiving just around the corner it’s time to consider nominees for this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The TFK AFC Hall of Fame Selection & Induction Committee are happy to allow Brian Tinnion (the sole member of the TFK AFC Hall of Fame) to select the nominees for this year’s event who will then be put forward for a public vote, pending approval by the TFK AFC Hall of Fame Selection & Induction Committee.

Over to you Brian.

Sure Tinnion hasn’t played in or been in attendance at a game all year how can he select the nominees??

No current player can be a nominee Dunph.

Thanks for your interest in the TFK AFC HOF.


what are the current odds on this market?

What are the three players doing at the top of the logo? Are they dancing / shuffling?


[font=arial]After careful consideration by the committee, the nomiantions for the 2011 Hall of Fame inductee are as follows:[/font]


[font=arial]Voting will commence within the next 24 hours and will close at 23:59 on 11/23/11 with the induction ceremony taking place as usual on Thanksgiving.[/font]

What a fucking list. Juhniallio’s forum presence will shorten his odds but he won’t have it easy against the likes of 5-(-or-was-it-6-?-)-goals-in-a-game Kylo. Ledge v Arshavin23 should be an acrimonious battle - no love lost there.

Tinnion please go ahead and set this up.

A real kick in the teeth for Larryduff when you look at the list but maybe he’ll get a nomination in future years.

I had a few PMs from Appendage fans too who were surprised that he was omitted from the list but this isn’t an Irish dancing competition, you don’t just get a medal for showing up. This is TFK, this is Dublin 6-a-side football, this is the big time.

See the other thread mate. I’m not hiding behind any fans claim. Disgusted that my magnificent first touch and finish didn’t warrant inclusion.

See the thing is mate - you don’t have any discernable hairstyle. You need to be marketable too, I need to protect the brand.

:lol: :guns:

Is it just me or has briantinnion suddenly become a funny fucker?