TFK Astro Football Emergency

Forum members Fran and Monkey Allen can provide positive testimonials about their appearances with TFK.

This should assuage* anyone who’s too shy to play.

We urgently need 1 player.

I make this earnest plea for someone to respond positively to my request.

  • not sure if used in correct context.

Good post mate.

Thanks mate. See you in an hour and a bit pal.

Well I do, I do. How are we getting there bud?

What position would this player be required to play???

feedthepony Clarkey?

Only if she asks nicely.

@Clarkey, cesc4 is giving us a lift.

@Dunph, at the back and/or defensive midfield.

From the gaff?

Like to take a bullet out of the chamber before I play ball.

I see Appendage is reading this thread.

Piss off.

No, from outside our place. I’m going to have a shank before football maybe.

I’ll see you at the front door with a bright red face, damp stomach and sweaty hands at 6.35pm approx.


This occasion is made for you tonight son. Repay the faith Rocko has shown in bringing you back and fire us to victory.

Also - bring a green jersey this time FFS. Let me know if you need one - I have stacks of them.


Yeah, I need one. Yours are XL though surely?

Beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ll throw one in.

Clarkey would enjoy that alright.


Not knowing what I know, runty.