TFK Astro Team Emergency

We need to sign somebody in an emergency loan deal to play a game tonight kicking off at 7pm in Sandymount, Dublin 4.

Is anybody willing to give us a dig out?

You must be under the age of 32 and not be a creamer. You’ll be playing outfield in a fluid enough 6-a-side team.

Please PM myself or Rocko or reply on this thread if you’re interested.

You would need trainers (preferably astro ones), shinguards (in theory), socks, shorts and a DART green coloured T-shirt.

Would ye be prepared to pay for travel expenses and a meal afterwards??

I’m sure we’d come to some amicable arrangement Dunph. Unfortunately it’s a Dublin-based poster we require at this short notice I reckon.

What happened here?

The last I heard we had enough.

This is a big game tonight as well.

When did you last hear? We’ve been struggling for 2 days trying to get players and have exhausted all options.

I’ll sit in front of the goal if you want.

The last email I have is from cesc4 at 16.05 yesterday saying he was in.

That brought the total to 5, with me, you, Bandage and Jugs.

therock66 and Gar to confirm.

Presumably they didn’t confirm.

has anybody come offered to play or is this a disasterous day for the dart green side leaving them to give a walkover…

We have had an offer and we’ve made a counterproposal. Looks like we’ll be putting pen to paper very soon.

I am intercepting the player at Sandymount DART station and taking him to our training ground for discussion of personal terms and a medical.

ye better get moving so only 45 minutes to sort the medical and be on the pitch for kick off…

I am delighted to confirm that TFK Astro Football Athletic Club are in formal negotiations with Monkey Allen. We have presented a serious, firm and electronic offer to the player and Mr Allen will be travelling to the club this evening to finalise talks. If negotiations conclude successfully then Mr Allen will be available to play in tonight’s league encounter against WTS FC.

You lost out. I’d beat the lot of you on my own.

TFK Astro Football Athletic Club 4-1 WTS FC

A glorious debut for Monkey Allen with 1 goal and 2 assists.

You could see the mutual respect between Monkey and I after his goal when my deliciously flighted pass allowed him to wriggle past the final defender and fire home emphatically.

That was the goal for 2-0. Rocko had opened the scoring, slotting past the 'keeper after a Monkey-Rocko-Monkey-Rocko double give and go and a Monkey through ball set up cesc4 to slot home the third. We went in at half time 4-0 up after a deft cesc4 flick skillfully diverted a long range effort from Gar in off the post.

We conceded a consolation in the second half but it was a very satisfactory evening indeed.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

A magnificent night for the onliners. I think Monkey had a slow start, taking a few moments to take in the size of the crowd and the huge importance of tonight’s fixture but a few early touches settled him down and he contributed handsomely.

I was particularly encouraged by the understanding between the two veterans for the first goal.

Of course I was nervous at the start. You grow up reading about these players and all they have acheived and then find yourself sitting in the dressing room with them as team mates. It was a bit unsettling.

Don’t be too disappointed Monkey, your expectations going into this were probably too high…

My only regret was that our most committed and hardcore supporter, tipptops, wasn’t there in person to witness it. I’m sure he watched it on an internet stream though.