TFK Astro Team Emergency

We’re very low on numbers tonight and we don’t really want to give a walkover. Does anyone have an interest in playing a game of 6-a-side in St Andrew’s College, Booterstown, at 7.30pm? Confirmed starters are the forum’s very own Rocko, Bandage, Jugs, briantinnion and cesc4. You’d be playing outfield in a fluid enough formation. Reply on this thread or send Rocko or myself a PM if you fancy a game.

Do ye need a centre-half??

We have briantinnion so to answer your question: yes, we do need a centre half.

It’s a pity i’m not in Dublin today as i’d be ideal.

If you need a no nonsense, tough tackling center back with a limited range of movement, then give Julio a shout.

Maybe you could be more proactive in future and take a punt on driving up the odd Tuesday in the off chance we’re short.

Any what about yourself, Runty? Will you play?

I would if I was in Dublin Bando, but alas…

You’re better off without him bandage. He’s only a glory hunter and will be looking to claim all the headlines for himself…


This is desperate stakes here now. Where’s Monkey Allen when you need him. A former Sigerson star from the recent past has also turned us down.

Clarkey’s friend Andy can play.

Disappointing fucking response from the mid west. Sure you’d be up that motorway in under 2 hours. I heard of a lad from Limerick who drove 4 hours to meet a child he befriended on the internet. That’s proper commitment.

If I had more notice I would’ve stood in for ye. Unfortunately I’ve arranged a dinner with my pals

I hear Sid ‘Heskey’ Waddel might be availabe

Potential Applicants - Remember you need to be at least this good to play so no time wasters:

This is a disaster.


We just need 1 more if Clarkey’s mate Anthony is in.

Are you all that unfit that none of you can last the whole match?