TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


Sell, Sell, Sell
No dead cats left to bounce


I see WeWork has taken another building on Harcourt Road at €60 per square foot. Bonkers.

Can someone explain their business model to me? I really can’t understand how it’s sustainable. They must charge an absolute fortune?

Also, I’d say the place is full of wankers working on their “start-ups”, wearing hoodies, working on their MacBooks, drinking coffee.


They wouldn’t have much refit costs or lag between tenancies as it is so flexible I guess. As long as there’s a buyont commercial real estate market then don’t see why they can’t do well?

People like to work from home but this is kind of proof in a way that offices are not going to way of the dodo. We are social creatures.


It’s a fancy office for small companies. That’s about it. You can also travel to any of their other offices around the world say you were in business in China or whatever and use them. A load of programmers or that type of free lance work are travelling around the world while using these places as a version of backpacking


Or you could hog half of a coffee shop for the day every day like a complete and utter wanker.


There was a film about that.

It’s tolerated in the US, drop an extra 50c or dollar and they’ll refill your cup for the day.


WeWank . A cowanking wank space. A desk is €470 per month. Pretty pricey…


The rugby school crowd will be all over that.


I think it’s pretty expensive to use, cheapest option being around €300 a month


That’s less than 14 quid a day which is fuck all really. Most of the lads in there would be on 400 to 1k a day.


And just think of the networking opportunities


Exactly. Cheap at twice the price.


That’s it. It’s great in a buoyant market but surely once there’s any sort of downturn they’ll be the first to suffer.

The FT’s Big Read is about them today, I’ll have a read tonight and report back.


You think?


I remember back in the days of internet cafes, fellas just casually watching porn for hours, with not a care who saw them, man, woman, or childer.


At the same time though, if things do go down then people might be looking to get more flexible with overheads rather than fixed lease terms.


And tax deductible


When farming fails in 7 years I’m filling the sheds with hot desks. The novelty of writing code whilst filling your nostrils with aging slurry gas won’t be lost on these freaks.


Agri-sheek offices


you could serve lunch on sheets of galvanise and use bales as seats. Would tie in with the Bunsen burger joint hipster shit these days…
Would be like the “leccy picky”…