TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread



How difficult is it to load whatever apps you want on your phone?


How difficult is it to understand monopolistic practices?


No more difficult than to install a new internet browser on a PC?


It’s the right ruling for the wrong reasons.


The cunts won’t pay tax, have to get them someway


It’s up to the EU to make the place desirable and a hub for Tech R&D.

It is one of the chief failures of the EU in the last couple of decades.


Jaysus, it’s ourselves that facilitate the non payment of tax. Straight from the beggar thy neighbour school of economics. Its utterly wrong really, and classic stroke politics.


The solution there was that Windows would still come with explorer but also with Chrome & Firefox. They might do something similar but obviously a phone’s memory is far less than a pc’s so maybe the phones just won’t come with a pre-installed browser.


Those browsers don’t come preinstalled. They just put a shortcut on the desktop to allow you to download them


When you setup the phone youd get an option which browser to install id say


I always found that browsers thing ridiculous. Like saying if you buy a car from Toyota you have to be give a choice of putting in a Nissan steering wheel.


The EU would be better served going after China and other Asian countries for unfair business practices, but are too cowardly and let Trump fight that battle. How come the useless cunts couldn’t help Nokia and Ericsson maintain their early market share? Tis a bit late now to be moaning.


They went after Samsung for copying the iPhone interface layout IMSMC.


They had heaps of cases against each other for various patent infringements.


It’s not a monopoly. Samsung is the leading cell phone manufacturer and their phones come with their own browser as default. Google has the market share it has because useless cunts like Nokia abandoned their own operating systems and adopted Android. Customers can also choose Apple. Vestegar hasn’t a notion about the technology market.


Losing $7,000 a minute apparently


Ya but car in space though


and musk has given the media license to go through their work practices with his recent twitter outbursts.

he’s not the messiah, hes a very naughty boy


Burning through cash since they started and the only thing keeping them going is the markets willingness to continue to give them more cash to burn through. All well and good until they decide not to and that point is coming up fast.
Musk is cutting workers & his R&D spend. So he has less workers to make more cars & competition will be innovating more than him, and he still can’t build the fucking cars.