TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


Think Niall Harbo Harrison revealed to twitter that he’d deleted his Facebook account recently. Some domino effect


He just gets it


Was there ever a good time to be in Twitter stocks?

Facebook is dead, I’d like to see the break down of the age profile of their users. I’d hazard guess they have a very small share of the under 25 market. Yes they have Instagram and WhatsApp too but I’d imagine both of those are far harder to monetise than Facebook.


That utter cunt Garry Vee always said Snapchat was king. Jab jab hook


The last year was pretty good for TWTR, up 100% even with today’s decline.
Agree on Facebook.


The trump factor. They still can’t make money out of it though


All their growth in subscribers is gone after they removed the fake accounts.


He called FB dead yday


FB is dead a couple of years now.

I had to join wechat this morning to be accessible to some Chinese investors. Feeling mugged off ever since :tea:


Is that the one where you can send money to other wechat users? Its a big thing in China


Think so


I wouldn’t be leaving that on a work machine or using it to transfer any sensitive information.


I’d say the average age of a FB user nowadays is about 60.


Bit of a rebound from Tesla after better than expected results. Cash burn rate has slowed to $750m per quarter.


Tesla has turned the corner. Great set of results last night, shares up 10% in after hours trading. Musk even apologised to the analysts he made shit of.



Apple has just become the world’s first trillion dollar company.


Incredible company. To maintain their dominance for this long when they actually design and sell things, and not just ads, is pretty amazing.


Masters of marketing.


There’s so much to admire, from the marketing to the design to the supply chain.

They simply will not allow their products to become cheap tat worldwide. They won’t sell anywhere that they have to give up their price edge. Their power is amazing, I know that for years the Irish phone companies had to pay upfront for the devices.


I find it amazing how they’ve brainwashed so many people into buying their products that are inferior to competitors but yet paying a premium to do so. You cant but admire this.