TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


Youre like a fellow trying to convince yourself that your Kia is better than a Mercedes. You just don’t get it.


I’ve gone back and forth between android and Apple. Always found apple software to last longer before being buggered though android hardware has better battery life.


I haven’t driven a Kia in 4 years mate


Cc @Blake


Is there still a ban on short selling?


Ask @TreatyStones

Or look here




He’s some ape. If that’s based on nothing the SEC will have his guts for garters.


I just learned that 420 is an Internet reference to smoking thoul weed.
Read into that what you will.


Share price up over 10% with a spliff joke. He’ll end up in chokey


Damn mate, the 420 ref pre-dates the internet a fair bit and I don’t even smoke. You’re out of touch. I guess it’s the gilded lifestyle.


He’s doubling down anyway.

He better have something to back it up or he’ll be sued left right and centre


It’d be fucking hilarious if it was his tweets that sunk Tesla.


There’s something very “Enrony” about this


TBF they are very transparent about the fact that they don’t make any money and rack up massive losses :sweat_smile:


It’s the opposite of Enron, Enron claimed to be making profits when there were none.


So Tesla are making bucketloads but pretending they’re losing money hand over fist?


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: negative propaganda like the company isn’t making profits