TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


No, As @Julio_Geordio said they are bleeding cash and quite up front about it.


There is nothing Musk enjoys more than squeezing the testicles of the shorts. Generally, actually always, by promising stuff he never delivers… and the market always goes for it, which makes me think it’s a short squeeze rather than long term investors piling in. I’m not sure he can convince enough investors to take long term risk with the company which, is what going private essentially means, especially are there are some questions regarding his next round of funding.


Enron was pure financial reporting fraud.


Are the Turks about to crash the European financial system and the euro?
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Disgusted to read more fake news about Tesla and Elon Musk. He’s delivered every time, albeit later than he promised. The short thesis for the last few months has been that they’d never make 5,000 cars a week, they’re now doing that consistently. They’ll just move on to something else now about margins or more funding.

I don’t think he’s stupid enough not to have substance behind a bid at $420, any idiot would know that’s stock manipulation. Tesla’s board has admitted they have met several times to discuss the transaction. If there was nothing to it no board member would put their name to a statement confirming it. Elon is going to save the human race.

I’m just sick I didn’t open a spreadbet on Tesla before the Q2 results.


A Tesla passed me on the motorway recently, my first time seeing one on the open road here, it was lifting, easily doing 150kmph, lovely looking machine.


Theirs no talking to people who have bought into the cult of musk


They are absolutely stunning.

Anyone who doubts Elon’s ability to save the world should just look at this photo:


If you’re thinking about shorting Tesla remember the guy on the left of that picture got himself into a position where he was dating Amber Heard.


Amber Heard is a nut job mate.


But that’s not really delivering if you don’t do it when you said you’d deliver it.


I know :heart_eyes:


If I sign up to the cult of musk will he tell me how to unreceed my hairline?


I’m more impressed by his hair than anything he’s ever done in business.


Lads who or what is an Elon Musk?


Hurls centre forward for Limerick.


He wouldn’t last with an post nevermind a billion dollar car manufacturer


Is he a Zuckerberg type and what has he invented – is he instagram?


I should add those pictures were taken about 15 years apart.


He can be anything he wants to be.