TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


It’s like Scientology except it costs even more of your money


New fragrance from lynx, Mrs Sullivan will love it.


I’ve had to let Wiki do the talking here … Electric cars and space travel. Sounds like a whack job by some of his personal views tho— Didnt he try to liberate the Thai cave boys? Makes more sense now but at the time I thought he was an instagram man or something like that and it struck me as a bit bizarre.


Elon Musk, works 60% of the time, every time.


He offered to help with some contraption of his, some other guy actually went in and saved the kids so Musk called him peado.


Is he a peado?


Some IT geek.





He looks knackered.


He’s run out of gas!


Needs to recharge his batteries


The Gas companies really don’t want Musk to succeed


I’ve seen FIVE (5) Tesla Model S south Dublin in the last 24 hours.




Plus accelerated capital allowances.

An exec that’s not driving a Model S these days needs their head examined.


What type of Tesla is this lads?


A Focus


Model X. Can’t see red brake calipers so it’s doesn’t appear to be a Performance / P version.

Edit: Maybe they are red calipers, if they are that’s a €190k motor.


Did you

Did you have a little spot in your y fronts?