TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


My neighbour has one, a thing of beauty


There is one in Kinvara this afternoon also. The harmless noise off it as it sped past me was very underwhelming


That’s a lovely looking car


Musk admits that his “secured funding” tweet was based on a chat with a few Saudis. He’s in a spot of bother I think, too eager to burn the shorts.


Is that the deal? They are as common as muck out my way. I was wondering why.


Since last budget. Great incentive in fairness


Yeah. I expect that will change or be capped in next budget.


Handy tax break to be handing out to fellas driving 120k cars.


Cheaper than a free 6 bedroom house.


Vast majority will be taken up by fellas who would have paid highest BIK due to limited milage too


Deserved for everything they do for Ireland.


Fellas driving company cars?


This is great.


At least his recent tweets make sense now.


A showman.


Elon’s bird :joy:

She must have a great personality…



It’s actually all starting to make sense now :sweat_smile:


She’d look deadly if you were on acid


@briantinnion she’s no Heard.


musk cracking

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