TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


A musk of desperation off him


I wasn’t smoking weed, no mention of whether he was on acid or not though :sweat_smile:


On a purely capitalist level I think Tesla shares are a bargain at the moment but on a personal level I’m worried about Elon, guys.

When you see him giving interviews to the failing New York Times you’d have to question his mental state right now.


He pretty much admitted nobody reviews his tweets, including the funding secured one. The board have a lot to answer for here after it was obvious he had lost the plot and gone off the rails over the Thai rescue.

Stock is a good value unless of course they run out of cash. Probably worth a short term punt if it goes below 300 again.


looks like musk is trying his damndest to get into trouble with the SEC


This crowd are a gas shower of bastards. They’ve been looking into a hole in Monaghan for about 10 years now. Nearly every year they announce the Gold is better than they thought and nearly every year they raise money to develop the mine, but they never actually draw a nugget out of it. They are still three years away from it too.

Now I’ve no doubt that there is actually gold there and I’m sure they will make some progress this time, but it’s actually unbelievable they are still going and the amount they’ve burned through without ever making a cent. I think lads have just committed so much money to them at this stage that they are afraid to shout stop.


Elon Musk doubles down on ‘pedo’ claims against UK cave diver


Kind of reminds me of the giant zinc mine that East Limerick is supposed to become. It seems to have been trundling away in the background for decades now without anything really happening.


Imagine working with that cunt. hope the SEC and “pedo guy” nail him to the wall


Won’t be long before musk is sectioned


He’ll end up like Tesla himself.


Why hasn’t this guy sued the fuck out of Musk?


He is


He must be up to stage nine now.


I’d say he’s a stage nine on the brain melted scale anyway


just saying



Elon smokes weed on air with Joe Rogan.
Stock down another 10%
Go Elon!


The Chief Accounting Officer quit after a month too.


weedo guy!