TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


If you are building your share price around a cult of personality you better hope the personality is stable :see_no_evil:


Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world and is a bargain at twice the share price now. All the doubters and roasters will be crying in to their almond milke when there’s a Tesla in every family garage in the USA in 5 yeara time. Elon can do what he wants.


He’s going to go bust.


There’s no questioning his genius. They are very far ahead of the competition on battery technology and efficient charging stations. I think he’s very frustrated with this stage of the company’s development, they are under tremendous scrutiny which is all new to him.

I think the stock is good value here and could easily get back to previous ATH or even 420😀. It’s also a good trading stock, I’ve owned it off and on for the last few years. It’s too volatile to hold though.


Might as well span this for the 5 in a row



I’ve done at least two ten (10) in a rows lad. It helps a bit if you keep the comment relevant.


That’s him fucked so


Still think it’s expensive personally. But I don’t think I’d buy it at any level near here. Think the whole company’s built on hype with very little behind it. What happens if Musk loses his gloss completely and people startcanceling their orders?


I think I’ll short the stock to make this thread interesting. Lots of very confident people either way.

The Chief Accounting Officer legging it after a month is a huge red flag.


I see the Brit diver guy has filed suit against musk


For only $75k. Seems very little


He’s also seeking punitive damages which could be very significant should be win.


You don’t get to choose…edit. He doesn’t get to choose


And after hitting 5,000 cars a week to much fanfare they are back at a bit over 3,000 the last few weeks.

And now they can’t deliver the ones they’ve built. :see_no_evil:



Guys, Elon will get it done. Tremendous discount on TSLA right now. I advise a massive long spreadbet.


I’m all in here Brian. You’d better be right for my children’s sake.


have you deferred buying the latest I-products to go balls deep on this BT?


I went in to the post office to buy stamps for a letter home. £1.26, but, your man had a prepared spiel about the wonderful new service they had with next day delivery and how it may well be a better option.
£49.76, but with a 15% discount if I got it today.
For a letter.