TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


Not quite, I’m deferring out of choice. I’ve bought the last two iPhones (7 Plus followed by the iPhone X) but I’m happy enough with the iPhone X still so won’t be purchasing an XS for a few months.

I have fallen back in love with the iPad after buying a new once recently though.


I got a new Macook Pro 15” recently. It is a thing of beauty. My new novel gets closer each day.


You’d want your head examined to be using anything but an Apple machine these days. Lads working on Windows machines taking 10 minutes to boot up, they think saving a few hundred quid is more precious than their time. You couldn’t make it up.



Apple machines are by and large for people who think they need a laptop to work but in fact all they use it for is to check email.

Anyone not using a Surface needs their head examined. Windows 10 on an SSD boots in seconds.


There will always be lads who don’t mind driving Dacia Dusters. More power to them.

High powered negotiations are largely won before you even enter the room and any lad not using an Apple product screams his company don’t really value him or his time so why should the other side.


anyone using anything other than an *Nix operating system is a mug


Do people still use laptops and macbooks? :joy: that’s cute


Oh dear, a criminal probe now as well.


Buy the dips, guys. Another outstanding opportunity.



I still throw 50 cents into the meter every morning and have no issues.


Retailer Orla Kiely ceases trading on cash crunch

How the fuck do you run out of cash selling bags which cost a euro to make for a couple of hundred?


when people stop buying your overpriced muck


Do you have a couple yourself?


it goes well with his cath kidston phone cover


Seems she has just stopped selling them herself through shops and website. Still be sold through third party retailers. Was my reading of it anyway.

Overpriced rubbish


The SEC have just filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk for fraud. Hope everyone took my advice and got out.


They’ve some nerve to target someone else with a lawsuit after young Rebecca Carter made a holy show of them in the high court yesterday.


Tinnion is still in


There’s no talking to some lads


Another buying opportunity, guys.