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Musk has stepped down for three years in a deal with SEC.

Reminds me v much of the the time Bobby Axelrod did similar to avoid dragging Axe cap down with his reputation

I hope you wont lose your bollox


He’s only stepped down as Chairman, and remains on as CEO. Leaving or being removed as CEO was what the market feared most.

The stock will fly on Monday, buy, buy, buy.


What a sham :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Would hardly happen here ffs


No, it’s sensible. The combination of CEO and Chairman roles is a load of BS that has become popular and should never have been allowed by regulators. The role of the board of directors is oversight, how the fuck can you oversee yourself? They need a strong chairman who can rein in his impulsive tendencies, getting him off social media a good start.


For some reason I read that as Bobby Aylward


I hope everyone loaded up on Friday.

Case closed and outstanding Q3 deliveries to be announced next week. We’re going to the moon, guys.

Great outcome for Musk. $20m is chump change for him.


It’s actually something that they’ve been trying to move away from for a good few years now. Doesn’t happen in the U.K. and Ireland. The US are a bit behind on that front.


I was in wilmslow this morning on the bike, and was just leaning the bike against the window of Costa coffee when I saw the traffic warden about to put a ticket on a 4x4. It was right outside, so I said to her will you hang on and I’ll go in and tell them to move it. She smiled and said that he had seen her when he pulled in. She told him he couldn’t park there but there were spaces within a hundred yards. He just asked how much the fine was. £30, she said. Grand, he replied, and left it there while he went in for a coffee.
She said this wasnt an unusual occurrence in wilmslow.


Tesla shares up 14% in pre-market trading. Hope everyone made plenty of money.


The Irish banks are getting a lovely 10 year anniversary present


Stocks and bonds collapsing.
Diversification works until it doesn’t.


Stocks are still at an all time high mate. The dow hit 2 new records on Monday. I know because I was on the wrong side of it. Down 300 points since then but basically still trading at crazy multiples. Need some q3 earnings misses to have any serious correction. The night before Trump elected the Dow fell to 15,500 points, 2 years later its at 26,500+. That is madness.

US Gov yield through 3% and this China stuff is driving todays sell off but it’s just small nuts given yoy increase.


We may have seen peak earnings in this cycle.

Other worrying signs are small caps, transports and high yield bonds have started to roll over (weekly charts) and they generally lead the equity market. The 10 year has gone from 3.0 to 3.2% in just over a month which suggest the market thinks interest rates are going higher. The real issue is the ability of governments and corporates to service their debt when rates rise.


How many years are we into a “boom”?


Another chance to buy the dip coming up, guys :grimacing:


They’ll have to get rid of him altogether the fucking clown



I wouldn’t call it a boom but the current bull market started in summer 2009.