TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


How long did It take to recoup the losses of the crash? 18 months?


Depends on the market but more like 6 years I’d say. But it’s just kept going since. Doubled in the last 5 years or so


3 years for the US stock market.


That’s unreal in fairness.


QE has to go somewhere.


When good news is bad news, it’s time to worry.


If you wanted to start shorting popular stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Or anything else for that matter you wanted to short, how would you go about it? Can someone ladybird it and if it’s worth the effort/money? @Julio_Geordio


Open up an IG Index or City Index spread betting a/c. You can go long or short individual equities and indexes (Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq).

Recent legislation has compelled these firms to differ between professional and retail investors, difference being much less leverage available to retail customers (you would most likely be classified as a retail investor unless you have a track record, or large financial investments).

For example, in order for you to short Netflix 1 dollar per cent of its share price movement you would need 1,200 dollars+ in margin. Taking positions on individual shares is capital consuming.


You could also open an account with Davy’s or another broker and buy a CFD to short individual shares but this requires more capital and margin than the spread indexes.


The easiest way to do it is to short the Nasdaq 100 using ETFs, as the companies you mentioned and a few others make up a large portion of the index. PSQ is 1X the inverse of the Nasdaq 100, QID is 2X the inverse and if you’re feeling exceptionally brave SQQQ is 3X the inverse.

Momentum is definitely weakening in the sector, the next few weeks will be critical as earnings start to come in. Rumor has it that tariffs and emerging market slowdown is hitting Tech hard.


Cfd. What could possibly go wrong?


What’s an ETF?


Very simplistically it’s a fund that you buy a share in that will have a specific purpose and only do that. In this case short the Nasdaq.
CFDs are an absolute mugs game so if you really want to short the market these are probably the safest bet.


If you don’t know what an ETF is you shouldn’t go anywhere near a market never mind short it.

But if you had bought SQQQ yesterday like I told you, you’d be up almost 10% today.


A reasonably good indicator on shorting the market is watch what volatility futures are doing, the ratio of VIX to VXV and the structure of VIX Futures. The signal to short is VIX/VXV >0.92 and VIX futures switching from positive to negative.

At the moment VIX/VXV is 1.02 and VIX futures are at -2.9%, so there is a fair degree of fear building.








bye, bye stock market, it was nice to know you


The demos arranged it for the mid terms