TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


They do in their hoop. They are sheep and blindly do what they’re told. They’ve been told that buying Apple is unpatriotic.


Apple’s announcement this week that China accounted for most of their revenue shortfall seems a bit suspect to me. They sell roughly $50B in China a year, even if that was all iPhones it’s $12.5B per quarter and their shortfall in Q1 was ($7B) from the midpoint of their own forecast. China may have seen the biggest decline, but I think the smartphone market is getting mature. The strategy of raising prices when the market for premium phones appears to be declining is a very bizarre one.


There’s an aggressive anti-Technology theft bill making it’s way through the US Senate that will soften their cough.


Well if people don’t need to replace their phones as much (with Apple now finding it more difficult to slow people’s phones) then it hardly is, is it? They do have a very loyal fan base.

I personally don’t understand the video content creation move. I know they want to move into services but it’s outside of what they do well.

Amazon doing it reasonably well seems like an outlier to me, they are also a far younger company.


Trumps job numbers > than all this tech shite to his demographic.

US Futures recovered a bit today as well.


The Xiaomi and OnePlus brands are here to take over


The Chinese have stolen all the IP and now they are making the phones cheaper and better.
All the tech companies in the US basically fucked thrmselves for a decade of cheap production


It’ll be great that.
US : “China, you’ve stolen our ideas. Pay a huge fine”.
China : “No”

The End.


China are already paying huge fines in the form of tariffs imposed by the US, and have no ability to say no, pay the tariffs or you don’t sell into the US. The “trade war” is effectively an anti-theft war.

90% of counterfeit goods sold into the US and Europe come from China. As Julio said above, the problem isn’t just China stealing IP, many US and European corporations have agreed to hand over their IP in return for access to the Chinese market.




It’s all over lads.


Great news for forumites on tracker mortgages and fixed incomes.


What do you think Draghi will do?


Fuck all I’d say. A lame duck at this stage.



Poor old Jeff Bezos is getting divorced. He’s going to drop from richest man in the world to 5th (godhelpus), in the blink of an eye, handing over a cool $70 billion to his soon to be ex. You’d have to search far and wide to find a more worthy contender to have this thread named after him. He and the company he founded are the poster child for unethical business practices and corporate capitalism, enabled by corrupt politicians whose supposed role is to prevent this kind of market abuse to occur. A cunt who has said there aren’t enough philanthropic causes to spend his vast accumulation of wealth on, so up to recently has donated fuck all.

I’m with AOC on this one, tax the fuck out of this cunt and his cancerous company (even though he’s a Democrat and huge donor to the DNC). A company who receive tens of billions to locate their warehouses in their favored cities, and who pay zero (0) taxes at the federal, state and local level and are proud of it.

I hope the pussy was worth it Mr “family man”.


The Wife

Jeff-Bezos-and-MacKenzie-Bezos cheating affair

The alleged lover



Of bezos or of the wife?


Ireland have helped him avoid paying more tax than most.


He has some gunner eye