TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


@labane1917 knew. That was back in 2016 and Julio the mad bastard was predicting stronger than 0.7. Today we are at 0.9. One could make good money listening to an expert.


Worth over 150 Billion and too mean to even get his lazy eye fixed, what a cunt.



Hon the Mac


Italy offically gone into recession. Must be more worrying at this stage than Brexit even, for the EU.


The entire Eurozone is slowing since mid 2018, Italy has been negative for two quarters, but given that the data is lagging more countries could be in recession already. Challenging times for the EU, will countries work together to come up with needed stimulus or will it drive EU members further apart.


What a fucking meaningless post. Will it rain tomorrow or will it not?


If Italy went under would the EU be able to bail them out, mate?


Italy needs Silvio back at the helm.


The French are at 9% unemployment, Spanish 15%…the outlook isnt great…eurozone wise anyway.


It’s fine. It will all come around.


Yes, it will rain.


Don’t think they will go bankrupt, but the ECB are already bailing them out by buying their bonds. If the bond buying stops and interest rates on Italian bonds go up, they will be in big trouble.


Oh dear… TSLA down 5% to 283.5 in after hours trading.


He’s some clown. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson after his last lucky escape.


He’s now decided to go to war with the SEC :joy:


Seems like a thing an intelligent man would do. I’d imagine there isn’t a business in the US that would be fully SEC compliant if people started looking under rocks. If you piss them off they’ll nail you to the cross altogether


This is who he has been hanging around with… just saying


I’d say the mans brain is half fried at this stage


How much are VW, Ford and GM paying you for the Tesla bashing, guys?

Losses already recovered and we’re back in the green for today. Another buying opportunity for people who appreciate the outstanding product Tesla is making and what Musk is doing for the planet.