TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread

Waiting for the useless cunts to send you paperwork will be more frustrating than the rate increases.


In the US mortgage interest rates are in and around 6%. There is a cohort of people that have sub 3% rates. In the US if you want to sell the property you have to renew mortgage at current rates. It is one of the drawbacks of being able to lock in qn interest rate for the life of your mortgage. So there is very little activity or incentive to move for many at the moment. They are calling the phenomenon golden hand cuffs. Your monthly 6% mortgage repayment on a $400k house in real terms would be the same as that of a $600k house using your current mortgage rate.

Seems self-defeating. That mandated or a collective ploy all the banks sign upto?

Im not too sure but if I were to guess I think it is just an industry standard over there. You can lock in a 30 year fixed mortgage at say 5%. You can also go for an adjustable mortage or what we call variable which allows more flexibility and cheaper interest. A lit different to what we are used to over here.

Apparently they see chatGPT as completely replacing google search. Why ask google for a website when you could just get the correct answer instead. Then advertising $$$.

And that’s probably the low end of what is possible

You’d wonder which user is Bill Gates on TFK.

They have already started limiting access to ChatGPT and will be charging $40 per month for a “Pro” version of it.

Apparently it can write college essays and not trigger plagiarism flags

20 years too late to be useful to most in here

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Layoffs announced by Dow and Hasbro. Layoffs spreading beyond Tech. The Fed will be chuffed.

Fun and games are over.


Mixed signs. I personally think it’s getting the fat trimming in now as the indicators are stabilising generally.

That was a bad joke playing on the Hasbro layoffs :grinning:



Iv been messing around with it.
It’s unbelievable

You’d be absolutely right to shit yourself if you have an All Hands coming up in the next fortnight

The Dow has come through adversity before, he can do it again


What have you been getting it to do, out of curiosity, I keep meaning to have a look