TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


Be grand lads. Market needed a correction badly, twas gone mad.


Earnings forecasts good. No imminent sign of global recession. Unless another Lehman Bros pops up.


Markets have run away from themselves lately, but the fundamentals are ok. What goes up, must come down.


Nothing to see here. A small corrrection, we’re back where we were in November.

I’m worried about the impact of the negative environment on Tesla stock though. Earnings call Wednesday and not everyone can see Musk’s genius.


People really struggling to buy into his vision of selling millions of cars he can’t manufacture alright.


Imaginary cars are even better for the environment than electric ones!


Rachel English was caught badly this morning reading out a supposed tweet Donald Trump sent in 2015. It said that if the Dow ever dropped more than 1,000 points in a day the sitting President should be loaded into a cannon and fired into the sun.

She had to apologise 5 minutes later and admit the tweet was fake.


Rookie shit.


That’s RTÉ for you. You wouldn’t hear them reading out an anti Democrat or pro Republican tweet. So much bias, terrible!


Amateur hour.


Dow in positive territory for the day. As you were.


Loses will be gone by the end of week.
A few volatility bettors lost their shirts, which was exacerbated by these trend trading algo’s which seem to throw every blip into a crisis. They’ll be the end of us all one of these days.


This would be a great time to short volatility.
Sadly, all the short volatility products are dead.


No smart guy would consider a Limousin heifer, ballsy, yes.
But not the smart guys.


Short, short volatility product providers.


Please start a Limousin heifer thread.


How about if I start a boot into your jaw thread.


I’d imagine you’ve had a boot into the jaw from a few heifers in your time.


What a tragic post.


So Elon these results aren’t great, how do you propose to actually build and sell enough cars to justify your lofty price tag?

Ya I’d like to discuss that…

oh look a car in space