TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread



FAANG stocks unraveling and leading the Nasdaq down as news breaks of a bipartisan investigation into how Facebook, Twitter and Google are (mis)using users personal information. About fucking time, FB in particular are an unethical shower of cunts.


GS just pricked the Tesla bubble. Could see below 200 before too long imo.


The DAX is down 2% today and down 11% since the January high.
I hope Project X got out.

@Julio_Geordio, is another European banking crisis looming?


I think it’s just financial gravity. Can’t go up forever. Valuations look seriously stretched in places though particularly some of the tech companies (though far from all).
My view is that anything in your portfolio with a very high, or even fairly high price to earnings ratio should be flogged. They’ll be swimming naked, as Buffett would say. Rotate into the more boring dividend payers. Prob reduce overall exposure to equity as well, though not into bonds, maybe sit on cash for a while.

They never fixed the banks in spots in Europe, most are in decent shape but beware the smaller banks, we came out with our hands up and are a long way down the road particularly in the important banks (PTSB still not great) so we should be alright.



Still swinging and missing and burning through cash.


And he threw a strop when analysts asked him a few handy questions. Like when are you building the cars Elon, why aren’t you building the cars now Elon and so on and so forth


Another snake oil salesman.


Well he does have a good product. He just doesn’t know how to make enough of it.


Ya but there’s a car in space though


Now is the time to load up on Tesla, guys. I wouldn’t put any stock in what those analysts think, they’re all sheep. Musk is changing the world.


He’s burning a billion a quarter with 2.5 billion in cash left. He could be gone by Christmas.


Some journey all the same, fair play to him.


The avengers will save him in the nick of time.


Plenty more imaginary money where that came from


To pay for imaginary cars.


:roll_eyes: that’s enough for 5 quarters.


Are the mad bastards in Italy about to ignite another financial crisis?


Time to put all your money in Ethereum.