TFK Capitalist Pigs Thread


The president wouldn’t let your man be a minister because he said, 100% correctly, that Italy should never have joined the euro. You’d actually struggle to find an economist who’d disagree with him, yet he’s not allowed say it out loud as it might upset the unelected beaurocrats in Brussels.
Instead they’ve appointed some lad from the IMF. The fucking IMF the crowd that crippled the Eurozone with their shrink your way to growth model. You couldn’t make it up.
He’ll be defeated first vote and the Italians will go to the polls again for what is an annual event for them. In the meantime they’ll be without a government for another 3 months at least.


Will Italian banks last the next week let alone 3 months if yields continue to blow out?


The big ones should be fine, they actually aren’t in that bad a shape lending wise. The small ones are fucked, but they are fucked regardless


Big danger for markets now is that the Italians will be so pissed off they’ll vote even more extreme to the left and right next time around. It was already a pretty bizarre coalition of fascists and populists this time and that took months to put together


be some craic if the lads get back in again and impeach the president


Isn’t Silvio’s suspension up now?


Say what you like about Silvio but he made the bunga bunga parties run on time


The European Banking system has collapsed. ATMs down all over Europe. This is the end.


I told ye 6 months ago to fill ye’re lawns with Limousin heifers


Big VISA issue it seems.

If you’re an AIB customer you can still get money from an AIB ATM. If you’re BOI then use a BOI atm etc


Capitalists ruining creativity in Dublin


Had been meaning to get to Hangar, though probably a bit old for it. It will be a sad day when District 8 closes.


Panic over. Got my money out for the trip to the Páirc!


I got €400 out of a BOI ATM at 6pm despite I’m an AIB customer. This was after all the kerfuffle had already kicked in.


I had to go to centra to get more tickets for the pairc. A proper nuisance



Tap and go working a dream in Aldi. Germans don’t do panic.


Una read the same interview I did with Le Galaxie in a free Dublin magazine back in April.


The VISA issue seems to be resolved


It’d fucking want to be or I’m about to go on the saddest stag of all time :sweat_smile: