TFK International Business Travel Thread (Codegreens adventures to Dublin)


Showing the car keys off I see. Flash bastard.


Ah fuck off. I was trying to take a photo without looking like a creep. That’s not a car anyway.


Quick over and back today. DUB to LCY. Will be on the 18:00 pick eye later


BMW, for the man who cant drive


You live in Cork mate


Anyone spent more than a few hours layover in terminal 8 JFK?? Anything to do there??


I’m a businessman, pal. It’s that type of silo thinking that had us where we were


Have you considered sticking your thumb up your hole?


Cheers mate!!


Hon Trump !


Hon Brexit


Chicago is a nice town but there’s no Scotty’s :neutral_face:
Will you see the Cubs?


No. It’s John Kiely’s cubs I’d like to see.


Did you pack the slacks and polo shirt




Heading off to London on Tuesday, near EC1, staying in the Bryson. I’m more familiar with South London. Anyone been around Farringdon and Clerkenwell, know any good restaurants, good bars etc


Are you heading to Royal Ascot? I’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday.


I’ve been told I’ve to go to a conference for 3 in Vienna at the end of the month.

This means nothing to me.


I’m not bud. I’m in meetings


WX112 to LCY this morning was seamless. 30 odd degrees in London for the next few days. I’d say the poor fuckers commuting on the tube will melt.

Plenty of business to be conducted in the sunshine over afternoon G&T’s full of notions.