TFK NFL Pickem 2011/12

Following the success of last year’s NFL Pickem Competition this is making a welcome return to TFK.

Couple of minor teething problems but should be working mostly now.

The one bit I can never get right is the cutoff time for entering picks. So the safest scenario if you’re entering is to do it before the Irish time equivalent to the game kickoff time. So if’s a 5pm Eastern Time kick-off then enter by 5pm Irish time etc.

Enter at

You need to setup a username and password. Just use your TFK username for all the name fields.

Is this the fantasy NFL

Yeah, let’s call it that.

Oh super.

I forgot to mention a prize for the winner. The overall winner will receive the perpetual TFK hoodie which GMan won the first year. After the final games GMan will send the hoodie on to the new champion I’m sure.

I’m still waiting for my hoodie i won a few years ago in another of your competitions.

Nice one Rocko. I’ll try harder this year to participate, turned into a nightmare with being 12 hours in the future and all that.

Reminder - this starts on Thursday and is the only competition I have a track record of maintaining an interest in.

I can’t wait for this. :clap:

Good stuff Rocko. I intend on cheating my way to victory once again.

Can I keep the hoodie I won for the GAA tipping league?

Ah brilliant!

Signed up.

I’ll give this a try this year…

Brilliant, my plan is for people to slip up and forget to make their choices and win in the last 3 weeks.

That’s called “doing a Gman on it”.

:slight_smile: I’ll never forgive his lousy behaviour.


An excellent take up so far. :clap:

Not much time left before the first game locks.

You’d wanna get your skates on, Farrell.

Best of luck to the Wexford contingent in this competition. I’d be happy with any manner of eastern seaboard victory though.

Looks like I’m the only one expecting an upset this evening :lol: