TFK Opinion Poll

Following on from TFK’s successful Exit Poll after the Lisbon Treaty referendum it’s time for a state of the nation opinion poll to provide that little bit more accuracy than MRBI and the likes.

So what party gets your first preference vote if there’s an election tomorrow?

Poll will be open for 5 days.

I tend to vote for the candidate not the party.

Same here, I will abstain.

Ya it’s catch 22. Do you vote for the local canidate who is good at his job and will represent the area the best but his party is useless, or do you vote for the local idiot because you think his party is better?

None of those appeal to me.

I would vote for the Leitrim based candidiate - whatever party he or she may belong to.

So it would probably be Martin Kenny from Sinn Fein but I don’t think I should vote Sinn Fein there.

i know its early but all early indications are showing a 67% majority for ff, which show you can never trust those mrbi polls

we get to choose Joe Carey or Timmy Dooley, Hobson’s choice.

I’m one of those who generally votes for the party. I’m not affiliated with any party and reserve the right to vote for different ones based on how I perceive their performance to have been and what particular policies they’re advocating this time. I completely accept that many local issues are very important - local hospital, state of the schools, job threats or whatever - but I always get the impression (maybe incorrectly) that some people make their voting decision based on the most insignificant local things and don’t look beyond them to consider what’s going on nationally. Now, I’ve clearly got no problem with someone who puts in hard work locally and gets elected but it’s pretty sickening when you see someone like Beverly Cooper-Flynn getting elected, irrespective of what she’s done for Mayoooo.

Beverley Cooper Flynn is a cunt and a warm favourite for next December’s cunt off.

An associate of mine has a bright future ahead of him in the game and there isn’t a whiff of corruption off him as yet, so I’ll be voting for him and his party for the forseeable future.

Voting for proven fraudsters like her and Lowry is wrong though in every sense. I know all politics is local but the mentality of people in Mayo and Tipp who vote in these proven corrupt cunts is disgusting.

I’d vote for Fianna Fail, they have the ability to turn this son of a bitch around. There is too much hysteria in the media, some people can’t see the wood from the trees

Lowry, The Legend, practically built Semple Stadium for us.

Admire it in all its glory Tommorrow night.

FF seem to have got the rural vote so far

I’m abstaining

Not mine they won’t

You have no vote you polish cunt

much like the first 2 replies, I’d have no party affiliation and would vote for a cnadidate on his merits rather than his party.

so FF are fucking up the country beyond belief but if they have a decent candidate in your area you will still vote for him?

hate that attitude