TFK Serie A player of the month November 2011

I can’t overlook the sparkling form of Zlatan.

I saw you waxing lyrical about Lavezzi last week Totti, any reason you excluded him?

Napoli’s league form has been poor of late, 1 win in their last 6 league games.

Disappointing to see the power of the mafia dwindle in Naples to the extent that a star players girlfriend was attacked recently in the City.

De Laurentiis told her not to go around with a rolex on her wrist during a recession. :smiley: (RIP)

Totti, are we allowed to take European performances into account or is it strictly domestic appearances that should count?

I’d be inclined to base it solely on domestic competitions.

Zlatan for me.

Sensible. I’ve gone for Matri again.

Was Pirlo close to making the shortlist Totti? I think he’s been excellent lately. I’m going for Lichtsteiner - think he’s been very good for Juve.

He has been excellent indeed Bandage. I thought this was his weakest month thus far, still performing to an extremely high level however. He was edged out by Marchisio who has had a wonderful season to date. Although some sections of the media have been very complimentary of Vidal so far, I haven’t been overly impressed. He plays the most advanced role of Juve’s midfield three yet has had the least impact in the attacking quarter. He hasn’t been bad or anything, I just think his influence and performances have been overstated.

Pepe was also close to making it, must be one of the most improved players in Serie A this season. I hope his form wears off as he may work his way into Prandelli’s Euro 2012 squad.