TFK World Cup of Cunts Group B

[center]TFK World Cup of Cunts Group B
Top 5 qualify
Poll closes exactly 3 days from the date of this post

Ehud Barak
Kyle Lafferty
Liam Gallagher
Rudy Giuliani
The Chief Steward of Newmarket Racecourse
Mark Van Bommel
Matt Dawson
John Terry
Roman Poite (French rugby referee)
Glenn McGrath
Davina McCall
Kelvin MacKenzie
John Parrott
Michael Owen
Chris Martin
Duncan McRae [/center]

Ehud Barak. Murderous Israeli scumbag.

John Terry is worse

I’m extending the deadline for this to 5:00 today.

JT, Ehud Barak and Lafferty qualify. The rest can go home.