Who’s up for a Fantasy Super League? $50 in a man?

You shit the bed when you were asked to play dynasty a while back

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Are you in?

I’ve three dynasty leagues on the go… No time for school boy leagues sorry.

This is the super league

Time for lads to lads to put up or shut up

12 man league
$50 a man in
$300 to the winner
$100 to 2nd place
$200 to @RaymondCrotty charity

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Did you not get invited to any group this year?

So far we have

Room for more

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@Bandage @Flano lets get this

@BenShermin cmannn


My inbox is overflowing. Last chance saloon here guys

Am I too late to join?

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I’ll have to fuck @flattythehurdler oot. @The_Selfish_Giant is the vice commish, let me have a word with him in the morning and I’ll get right back to you

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Don’t you very dare

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I’m going to bestride this like a colossus.


Any room left at the inn?

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Good question @Rocko !