TFKs very own Hip Hop thread


You’re all over the shop. You have a mindset with hip hop just like many I suppose . Some of the tunes, production and beats are savage


I’m surprised @Robert_Emmet hasn’t been on here leading the tributes to Craig Mack who passed away yesterday and not in the usual drive-by shooting circumstances.




There’s a group of homeboys around the estate smoking weed and blaring rap music and walking around with their pants on the ground/ under wear on show… giving it the limp leg walk. I Imagine thats exactly how @glasagusban, @The_Most_Infamous, @Watchyourtoes and @codegreen carry on when they get together… Typical middle class fools- you can see them skining up very easily and i can see them at it here from my dining room window…one of them asked me for ‘a euro cuz’ yesterday… because ‘they lost a euro’ - like i’m supposed to care that they lost their pocket money and now cant buy a hot chicken roll… the cunts are forever leaving cans and their rubbish all over the green where Brady shits- he could kill himself if he cut his arse on a ripped can

what we have here is war… and i’m Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino…


Our very own Valley of the Squinting Windows.


Pop a few pretend caps into them…


Ha ha says yer man from Corbally, did you grow up in an estate?


And he living in Roco which is essentially C4.


I’m starting to suspect that your true loyalties lie with the aristocracy


Why are you so keen for your dog to defecate all over Rochestown? Have you ever heard of the Broken Window Theory? You are reaping what you sow here.


I clean up after him, bro.


Only cause your neighbour told you to.




Great album








Calling @The_Most_Infamous