TFKT Part Deux

Same as the NHL tipping competition only slightly different because it’s based on soccerball this time.

This one requires you to enter the scores (as well as the results) each week. It won’t guess the result from your score, quite stupidly.

Just be logged in to the site and click on join this competition or whatever it says under the new EPL link on the TFK Tipping menu.

Sorry to butt in here Rocko and steal your thunder but i have something to say regarding tipping competitions…

I believe somebody may have registered a team in my name in the NFL/NHL facetheball prediction league. I would just like to make it clear that it is not me making these predictions. It is in fact an imposter who has set up a false account using my details. Just so that people are aware.

Carry on…

Is something up with the Stick stick tipping dashboard?

It exploded with the ineptitude of Dunphs tips.

Possibly, didn’t notice anything myself. What’s the issue?

When I try to view My Tips I’m getting the message:

No games found for this round for this Season

I also can’t see the Tips Table.

Oh shit, I fucked up yesterday. I’ll recreate it tomorrow.

Right fucked that up royally.

Managed to delete week one of the NHL so we’ll start this week (sorry Flano).

Week 2 for NHL is up there and nobody has entered their tips yet (because anyone who did had their tips deleted by mistake).

Also EPL is up there starting tomorrow. Sign up for that league too.

I’m going to clean up in the NHL predicitons this week. Watch this space, for real.

Not a bad showing from me in the stick stick league.