TFwiKi was created for in October 2008.

The wiki will feature articles from the TFK members on any subject - TFK itself

  • stuff from the main forum such as a history of IOTM
  • stuff about the wide world of [cat=sport]sports[/cat]
  • pure [cat=Random Banter]random banter[/cat] about the world itself

Any member can create and/or edit any page (except this one for the time being because something needs to be the main page and if ye feck about with the name of this then we’ll never get back into the wiki).

[h=5]Some Handy Links:[/h]

[h=6]How to Post[/h]
There is an article [wiki]How to Post on TFwiKi[/wiki] that should help ye with how to work this thing.

2. You can search from the normal search menu at the top or go to the TFwiKi search at

[h=6]Add a new article[/h]
To create a new article go to or see the instructions at [wiki]How to Post on TFwiKi[/wiki]

[h=6]Special pages[/h]
To see recent changes go to

To see a list of categories go to [wiki][/wiki]

I’ll make all this a bit easier/more obvious in time.

[cat]About TFK[/cat]

this is a load of balls…where are all the naked ladies

Seems a little complicated.:confused: Good idea though, if it works somehow.