There’s a hole in my heart
As deep as a well
For that poor little boy
Who’s stuck halfway to Hell.
Sideshow Mel:
Though we can’t get him out
We’ll do the next best thing.
Rainier Wolfcastle:
We go on TV and sing, sing, sing.
And we’re sending our love down the well.
All the way down.
We’re sending our love down the well.
Down that well.


Sky are saying that a couple of them are out.




The FIFA president now frantically scrambling for tickets. They’ll hardly let the same coach bring them to that .


Lovely to see @TreatyStones stepping up to the mark and keeping TFK abreast of developments. He came into his own with the snow and is doing it again here.


Sky emphasizing that the rescue is being led by two Brits… Very important.


Let’s try and keep your anti-British agenda out of this


Incredible scenes as the two British divers emerged bare chested from the caves holding a child in one arm and a can of beer in the other chanting “they’re coming home, they’re coming home…”


We expect to have everyone out by tonight. Great work by the British lead rescue team.

I believe a combination of pumping out water and naturally dropping water levels have meant a lot of the cave can now be navigated on foot. They have a window of a couple of days until heavy rain arrives , hence the big push to get them out today.


Theyll start punching the shite out of each other presently.


Six out now


Only 4 out so far. Will be tomorrow before anymore can be rescued. Its amazing and absolutely terrifying what the divers are doing to get them out

This graphic explains it but doesnt really do it justice. its a 10 or 11 hour round trip for the divers


When you see that you’d wonder what kind of absolute clown their coach is


Yeah I still dont really know how they ended up there tbh. Appears is some kind of initiation that you run into these caves and sign your name. But weather came in unexpectedly and they had to keep going deeper and deeper into the caves to find safe ground. Its possible that the way they got into the cave isnt on that graphic and they arw leaving through a different route.

Interesting to see Elon Musk involvement. Doesnt seem like his idea will be used but some effort all the same


He’s a spoofer.


Know v little about him tbh


How that British chap managed to find them in the first place is unraleable


I saw some cave diving video on twitter and I nealry had a panic attack. Its fucking ridiculous the tight area they are working in


He’s a quite odd but impressive individual. Sits a a windowless room in Croydon answering IT related problems most of the time, but is the go to man for this sort of thing. Calmness personified by all accounts.


Sounds like a legend.