Whats this?


If it’s your own that’s a superb post :joy:


Someone carried out on a stretcher a little earlier…


Here’s a nice post badge for you :clap:


An outstanding return to form with 3 nice posts in 24 hours. This is the time of year when you want to be peaking. Nice post awards in April aren’t worth a fuck, it the business end of the season where you need to be hitting them consistently.


6 out now.

We are half way there.


Are the lads left inside living on a prayer?


They’ve about 36 hours left before things get critical… more rains expected. But I also believe air might start to become an issue beyond that also.

edit - I got the reference



There was six out last night. Are we still only at six?

I’m surprised there aren’t a thousand posts or more on this story I thought it’d be something the forum would really row in behind and all the diving experts would be out with their explanations about how to get the lads out.


The timing was all wrong. If they wanted maximum exposure they should have gone for Q1 or Q4. Having a top notch story like this in the middle of the hurling championship and a world cup was just very poor planning.

If this was early March there would be 000’s of posts on it.


The lads who did a 30 minute dive after a crash course in Koh Samui back in 07?


The Chilean miners timed their issue an awful lot better.


There was only 4 out last night.

they are going 4-3-3-3


Is there any live stream of it?


No. No cameras let within an asses roar of it.


They haven’t even told the parents which children are out!


8 out now.

Not telling parents which are out just yet – boys are being fully checked for any virus / infections etc.

They’d want to hurry up - Big trip to Moscow coming up.


There will be a great cheer when, IF, the coach Mr. Ek Chantawong walks out alive. He has said hes leaving last after every one of the boys has hopefully been evacuated safely.


He’s a self promoting wanker.
If they were waiting on one of his great ideas to get them out they’d still be there this time next year.