Just read that. That is mental but very fair to the poor parents who’s lads are still in there.


The english lad leading the rescue just said “I don’t bloody know which ones are out, they all look the same to me”


I couldn’t see how that joke could be fitted in without coming across as racist. Fair play for spotting a chink


Another 10 pointer on the way…


How do they decide which goes out first ? It’s a fair auld decision to make all the same with more floods on the way.


The manager will be the last out anyway


The weakest/highest risk first.


and will have a few questions about why he was the only adult leading a few teenagers into a cave…


The goalie.
cc @Bandage


A cave with signage at the entrance warning that it should not be entered at this time of year due to risk of flooding.


he wont get out of this alive i think


Going by the size of some of those tunnels I’d say they’d have to leave him in there starving for another few weeks.


Ah now.


You’re not looking well brimmer. There was a time you bore a passing resemblance to Tom Selleck


I’m melting in this heat.


11 of them out now.


All thanks to Limerick :facepunch: :clap:


I think the goalie went back in, forgot his gloves.


They’ve only gone and done it.

Now for the political hijacking.

Next stop a forced photo op with the true heroes of this story - Vlad, Don and Gianni.