That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


I got sent a screenshot earlier of Al porter Facebook messenger messages. He mentioned destroying some fella at electric picnic .

The messages also included a picture of his dick.


I got sent them yesterday. I could have done without it.


You could set up a decoy decoy account called something like, oh, @mickee321, and use pictures of the chap who is a “paedophile hunter” as “yourself”, then turn up yourself, surround him, call the police and broadcast the whole thing on Facebook live. With a bit of luck his house might be burned down by an angry mob soon afterwards.


The vigilante leader on with former COTY champion D’Arcy now.


There’s a paediatrician on next.


Would you say glasagusban is more al porter than Kieran Crevean ?



Tinkerbell won’t like that.


Paddy the pervert caught rotten and the Tom Humprhey/al porter supporter types are trying to play the jingoistic card


throw in a good dollop of Larry Murphy and you have his best mate


There’s some awful fucking weirdos on TFK, with the likes of @sidney and @glasagusban polluting the place.


A mix of Porter and colm o’gorman.

Just occurred to me now, has there been a peep out of yerman Miss panti since the porter episode?


I had a pint of porter of Larry Murphy’s* on Baggot Street following the play-off last Tuesday.

*Untrue, it closed some years back.


That’s the name you’re planning to rebrand as? Interesting.

Still, has to be better than your current persona, or indeed your former one, @Tess_Tickle.


There’s two or three kiddie fiddlers posting on here, you can smell it off them


Have you not sobered up enough yet to remember how many aliases you have on the forum, mate?




has porter been arrested yet? heard he was going into hospitals groping patients, thats jimmy saville shit


I just heard a very funny story about Al Porter’s dad.


pm please mate