That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


It didn’t dawn on me at all… I’m useless with remembering names and people.and faces… Hopeless with famous people and remembering who was in what movie etc. etc…

Well fuck me…aboy the kid!


I wasnt thinking when you sent that message … i’ll have to be semi nice to you now ffs.


Don’t worry about that, sure that cunt @Joe_Player is always giving me jip and I don’t hold it against him


I haven’t time to be dealing with PMs this year cc @Robert_Emmet


Get a triple room lads, ye filthy limerick obsessed freaks.



Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Creatures.


RTE Producers: ‘Hey guys, Darcy is doing a terrible job and losing viewers and listeners, maybe we should get rid of him of, you know, go with someone who isn’t a complete sanctimonious cunt who costs the licencepayer a helluva lot less’.

RTE Management: ‘Hold my beer’.


I caught part of D’arcy’s ‘interview’ with Stormy Daniels.

It was so bad it’s indescribable.


I suspect that Sean O Rourke is actually the highest paid employee in terms of cost to the organization. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t on a db pension worth millions and a multiple of what the public complain about tds getting.

The guys with companies are organizing their owns pensions.


So O’Rourke is an employee and all the rest are not?


Sean O’Rourke is worth every penny that they pay fine. One of the finest journalists that we have ever produced.


Mary Wilson is as well.


He’s a pain in the hole.


The truth hurts sure.


Sean O Rourke is Irelands greatest treasure.



I thought he was dead. He must be 90?

  1. No one in RTE ever retires it seems.


I’d hear him the odd time and he’s some man for 84


I wonder how many of these are TNHs