That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


A fair few i’d wager .



There’s two of the lads on operation transformation punching well above their weight. Which is some going


Funnily enough your man on OT isn’t the first fat Irish slob I have seen doing well for himself with a polish lass. And I have never seen the opposite when you invert the genders and nationalities above.


Harsh on @balbec



Fuck sake Larry Gogan is on a zimmer frame and he still won’t give up the job in RTÉ.




There seems to be some sort of RTE push on to recognise as some sort of God of disc jockeying too. It’s disgusting.


He used to love that Blondie song " The Tide is High" and played it quite regularly. Used to give me a serious dose of ire and I couldn’t get it out of my head for the rest of the day. Must add I haven’t listened to 2fm in 10 years.


My biggest gripe with Larry is that he had an awful fucking habit of playing a song. One verse and the chorus an then he’d fuck off on an ad break. It used to drive me fucking demented. “Play the fucking song or don’t Larry”


He was a holy show on the news. Decrepit old cunt bag.


“But the new crowd aren’t worth a shit “


And he had the just a minute quiz or something like that. “Can we have callers from Leitrim please”. “If you are from Leitrim we would like to hear from you today”. Prize was probably one night in Shamrock lodge hotel in Athlone.


Being a twee cunt can get you a long, long way in Ireland.


And abroad


Fuck sake lads, he’s a harmless auld cratur who did fuck all to irk anyone in the 150 odd years he spent on the radio. Ye’ve little to be worrying about if you’re getting annoyed by this


+1. Wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to him but he was always an easy listen




I agree he was harmless. Give me 10 Larry Gogans over this cunt anyday. I’d even empty all 10 of their incontinence bags before listening to him.