The 32nd Dáil Eireann


When your hair grows back.


I took a quick tour of the Oregon state capitol a few weeks back and saw this quote, this is a stock photo of it. Think on it guys



Thinly veiled look at how sophisticated ive become since i left the bog for canada,im a right smart bucko now.


Not veiled at all


Whats Oregon like? Flying into seattle next year and hope to visit Portland, Bend etc. Anything worth seeing in Idaho, Montana?


Fantastic. Probably my favorite state, @mickee321 is the authority figure on it here having lived in Portland but Ive been there a few times. Beautiful unspoilt beaches, woods and rivers and then high veldt and desert all in a few hours drive as you head east. Portland is a great city and the locals are the soundest in America. Washington is a fine state too and youd want your head examined not to spend a few days in beautiful BC. Never been to idaho or montana but they are supposed to be beautiful. Depends what you want, hiking, fishing, scenic drives?


Mick Wallace was always a serious man to put a finish on a concrete path. I remember him in the mid 90s going round town in that jeep with the soccer ball painted on the side, pulling up in temple bar to give some chap a hand laying a few kerbs and driving off again. He looks exactly the same now as he did then.
He is a serious man to give a chap a dig out.


The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful parts of the US and the most diverse, stunning coastlines, mountains, rain forests and deserts, it’s got it all. Seattle and Portland are both great cities.


BC Washington and Oregon are very similar, ecologically and politically. Rainforest/quinoa/yoga and liberal big cities on the coast, leading to mountains, desert and rednecks/Conservatives/Christian fundamentalists the further you go inland. There was a movement for the three to split from the US and Canada and form its own country, Cascadia, but that’s unfortunately gone quiet.


Slanaiste :smile:


Varadkar would do worse now than pissing off back to being a doctor for himself.


Some high ranking DOJ official will retire early.

The civil servant pension is a close second to the ministerial pension as the highest honor this country can bestow.


He’s going have to appoint a woman surely to replace Franny?


Wouldnt surprise me if its regina Doherty


If he was a MNC or a megalomaniac the Blueshirts would have introduced retrospective legislation to sort that VAT issue for him.


When did that happen before?


A woman to cabinet but not to the tanaiste role I’d say.


Either Coveney or Paschal. Can’t see anyone else.


Is it not always raining up there?


It has every kind of weather imaginable, snow, rain, drought. 2017 was an extreme year, four winter storms that dropped massive amounts of snow, lots of rain in spring and record heat in summer.