The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Some day I am going to drive from Chicago to Seattle across the big sky country and then down the West Coast to SF.


Pouring earlier, cleared for a while, but not for long id wager


I would nearly join you!


It will be a free for all. :grinning:

Garda overtime for regular police operations in Dublin abolished due to ‘exhausted budget’


Your probably right. Seems to be serious divisions in the party now. Two blueshirt lads on with Joe Duffy earlier tearing strips off each other. One from the Varadker wing and the other a Coveney supporter. Mad shit altogether.


The way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gave Flanagan the gig.


Not a chance you’d do that in a day


That FG sorted out their wealthy friends?


Flatty can come along as well. It would spice up the trip no end.

Just room for one more now.


Thelma & Louise.


Brokeback mountain more like


Emma & Louise


Make a smashing fare all right. You’d hardly do it in that leccy motor of yours though.


Kev is the man for the last spot there. Know someone or other in all the stops while involving everyone in multiple arguments.


Is Simon Harris the luckiest Minister for Health?

Thrown into health for backing Coveney yet Justice is more Angola at the moment.






Nice timing on signing the cannibas licence for the little girl too.
Coveney’s eyes are on one thing.


Well he took his eyes off the prize, and lost a lot of support with that shambolic appearance on Claire Byrne yesterday


That FG enacted tax legislation that retrospectively removed a tax liability for one individual, you know, like the way you alleged had happened