The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Charley can’t survive


It won’t make a difference now Joe. FF will pull the plug in the new year anyway


Yea election in mid January we need a govermat for brexit


It might not be as early as that but I’d say come easter we’ll have one


Michael McGrath is another very average FF politican.


I’m not letting Flatty drive.


I wasn’t planning on importing my car to the U S to do this. I was planning on renting a Mustang.



He can pay for accommodation along the route when Kev fails to rustle something up for the night.


That’s going down real well judging by the comments


She’s lost the plot.


She is a 67 year old woman. A family member needs to step in now and remind her to start acting like one.


They’ve never had to retrospectively do it. One area they have a bit of foresight in.


Yep, dozy fucker set himself back big time.


Jaysus, Clare and Mick must have some info on the drugs trade…and it ain’t about Ming.

Get the popcorn…


A Tour de France by Clare Daly on Prime Time earlier.

Big Mick will have more on the Gardai dealing heroin in Athlone in the next couple of weeks and how the whistleblower Garda Nicky Kelly was treated.


The big hitters on the tonight show. Eoin Murphy, mary lou and ak47. This could be good. :grinning:


Keep us posted. I’m hitting the sack but will check in here for a summary in the morning.


Forgot Jim O’Callaghan is also on.


Not a big hitter