The 32nd Dáil Eireann



Dara Callery on the radio now defending Charlie Flanagan to the hilt. What a fucked up country


They think he should be given time to conduct an independent review and let all the facts come out :smile:


Cotman must have been a protégé of michael’s wife then?


Nobody wants to listen to economist types when things are going well. They’ll only be talking about slowing the economy down or some shit


Of course FF are, they know there is no appetite for an election at all in the country at the moment. If they can keep the Flanagan scandal simmering on a low boil over the winter it will only help FF’s poll ratings before they eventually pull the plug.

If Leo had any sense he’d be advising Charlie to spend more time with his family.


I get the feeling that AK-47 wants FF supporting him so that when he goes off he can take out FF as well as FG.


What exactly is Charlie Flanagan on the hook for gents?


He was so shocked that some cuntbag told him he was retiring that he forgot about the email.That and he’s a horrible blueshirt cunt.


Basically everybody with any connection with the DOJ is tainted at this stage.


He knew about the existence of the emails and never told Leo . He let Leo go ahead and give alternative facts to the Dail.


When is @artfoley resigning?


this is beginning to resemble that trip Donal Cusack and John ‘gah’ Gardner planned in rural Vietnam that time.


its fascinating to watch this type of banter, some lads have very weird notions


This afternoon. @glasagusban will be as well he could do with more time at home in his boiler suit.


It’s a different chap to Cormac Lucey, who is a neo-liberal nut job and has a sort of “Prince of Darkness” aura about him.

The Cormac chap I’m talking about was on a good few times circa 2015. He had much longer hair than you’d expect from an accountant and seemed a very personable and knowledgeable chap.

I’ve just Netscaped it - Cormac Butler is his name.


2/1 for Coveney to be the next Tanaiste :thinking: It was like 1/2 last night. Humphreys 5/4


Ah lads, she’s atrocious


The government needs a Tanaiste who has ability, intellect, character, courage, integrity, a vagina, and a slight indentation on the forehead from an injury sustained playing hockey in school. And who is liked and respected by the public.

There is only candidate who fulfils all these criteria.



It seems to me the only person who knows what was going on with all this email malarkey was Katie Hannon. Instead of grilling ministers on primetime e or 4 nights a week why don’t they just ask Katie what’s going on. Who and why Katie is being fed this info is a different matter altogether.
Could she be asked to give evidence to the Charton inquiry?