The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Splendid to see a fierce critic of the travellers rise up the Dáil ranks. Hon Josepha.



It’s definitely a first to have a minister who also works as a stewardess on Swiss Airlines.

Apparently she behaves extremely ignorantly towards travellers on planes too.


She’s the daughter of the late Paddy Madigan, Fianna Fáil councillor and a keen litigant.


Cuntishness is a Madigan family tradition.


We’re probably safe from litigation from him then.


Charlie you old rogue


They’re all happy out that there’s no election in the next couple of weeks.


Of course they are. SF and FF got their little push, and its a Happy Christmas for everyone.


What was it she said ?


Why did Paddy leave FF? Wasn’t it something to do with curbing the power landlords had? With bloodlines like that I’d say Josepha is a shoo-in to take Eoghan Murphy’s portfolio when he eventually gets moved on.


Were they in the pub game ??


Paddy was a solicitor but I think he might have had Madigans in Donnybrook as well.


What gives you that idea?


Josepha hates me after I romanced and dumped a pal of hers years ago. She wrote a self published novel - on amazon still I would say.


Sassy solicitor Helene has spent the last few years getting what she wants and who she wants. Rising through the ranks of a high profile Dublin law firm, she has professional as well as sexual recognition. Her story is set against the last groans of the celtic tiger. She works among, has relationships with, and represents the movers and shakers who created it. Privy to the machinations of the top legal firm, Helene goes on a voyage of self discovery of both her own motivations and those of her profession. We learn how she rationalises the two, and whether they can ever be reconciled. As truths gradually emerge in her private life, an unstoppable chain of events are set in motion in her professional life. Do the legal structures so long the buttresses of all she believed protect her? Can she defend a profession that has nurtured her, or will she bite the hand that feed her? Josepha Madigan segues with ease between the legal and emotional worlds of her heroine, Helene. Set amongst recent Irish recognisable legal scandals, Helene’s tragic story of love and loss is a fictionalised expose of the moral dilemmas we frequently address. This is a no holds barred insider and explosive view of the Dublin legal scene. On this voyage of discovery with Helene, we learn not only a bit more about choices we all make, but also how a life can compound or confront these mistakes.


I think her father might have wanted a boy.



It’s not bad, but it’s no


FG weirdos


That they are. The party for weirdo’s


One fire freshly extinguished and another little spark to start another. The gardai the gift that keeps on giving.

Concerns raised over tribunal unit within gardaí