The 32nd Dáil Eireann


You can’t eat an elephant in one bite.

The Trojan Horse.


The Provos have done all the heavy lifting.


They were subbed off at the start of extra time.

This needed a big game player. A match winner.


I hope Enda’s role in this isn’t forgotten.


I fear it will be. Nobody remembers who threw the ball to Ronnie Whelan.

Mayo people will eulogize him. And rightly so. He was minutes away from an All Ireland.


FG are the partitionist party. It looks like you’re confused here.


Nows not the time guys. Lets just revel in this victory. Brought to us by the Fine Gael lead Government.


SF sat on their hands and refused to govern. Leo the Lion has delivered a United Ireland.

You should be celebrating the reunification of the country and not getting annoyed over who delivered it.


Odd to see how a partitionist party can deliver a United Ireland.


That makes the achievement all the more remarkable.


Dev Patrioned Eire, mate.


It’s been a bad few days for @Nembo_Kid


I don’t know where you’re getting that idea from. Still smarting over the mugging off you gave yourself at the weekend?



Thank you Michael and thank you Leo for giving Ireland back to the Irish.


SF advocating a no vote against Brexit could have cost us a United Ireland. They will have to live with that.


You’d know a lot about re-branding.


How so?




Jaysus Noel Rock has crawled back out from under the rock he was hiding last week when things got a bit hot under the collar for FG. The coward.


Poll out tomorrow in the Irish Times:
FG 36 (+5)
FF 25 (-4)
SF 19 (NC)
Indep/Others 16 (-1)
Lab 4 (NC)