The 32nd Dáil Eireann


Great result for Lab.


Leo the lion


A week is a long time in politics . This time last week LV looked near enough goosed .


Fuck the endemic corruption, we got one over on the Brits :clap::clap::clap:


Leo’s in the big house


It’s not the same without Cathriona Perry.


Leo would out giggle Caitríona .





Has Varadkar told him he’s a gay son of an immigrant yet ?


they discussed military :smiley:


Trump would have loved the Blueshirts.


Trump has never said anything remotely homophobic afaik. Also he loves the type of immigrants that Leo’s dad was. Indian and doctor.


I meant it more along that being his standard line that he likes to mention in every speech when abroad.


Lovely moment shared between them.

Leo is a statesman. Great to see.


Nice picture of the Leo here just after Don kissed his hand.


Varadkar’s right hand is touching a giant cock in that picture.


Donald is a great friend of the Oirish.


He has created massive employment in Clare. A great man


Leo was playing senior hurling today and he did it by walking round after Trump wagging his tail.