The 3rd Annual "why is it called the 6 nations" thread

when only Britain, France ,south dublin,limerick,ballymena & a few farmers in lombardy compete in it

this thread is for pople who hate this bullshit to laugh at the pure shitness of it all

Lombardy? Is that a real place?

he used to play for Crystal Palace and had the same haircut as Artfoley

Those words should never be used in the same sentence.

the artfoley look

Leave Limerick out of this TASE. We have succesfully campaigned against this shite to the point where there will be hardly any Limerick men involved in this farce.

Its been a bad few years for Limerick with all the negative publicity this rugby lark brings, but it looks like we have turned a corner and this rugby fad will be finished in a few years.

That guy as a mane of hair compared to Foley.

Signing in…

I hope the the Irish elements are especially walloped out the door …