The Alternative Music Thread

Can - She Brings the Rain

There is a real Doors sound to this.


Something wrong Kev?

One music thread famer is enough, half the thing is alternative anyway, in fact i’d say well more than half.

Call this the Alternative Alternative Thread or something, because thats what its going to be.

Christ you really are some retard.

Can you actually go a couple of minutes on here without launching pops at someone and actually address posts? The amounts of threads you have ruined on here with your bullshit is incredible and you are not going to ruin this one.

If you look at the discussion on the Smashing Tunes thread, I have decided to move the alternative stuff which constitutes ‘half of what’s on there at the moment’ according to you over here.

So the title of the thread is self explanatory and you can fuck off with your shite talk.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

At least that is all the Prawn does as opposed to attempting to come across as a know it all on everything and have the ability to call out everyone as bluffers.


You fucking tool

Farmer, go to bed you eejit.

I really don’t see the need for this thread given over half the songs on the smashing tunes thread could be classed as alternative. This smacks of another ‘I’m going to be different / Inception’ moment for Farmer.


Rant coming

‘Alternative’…? :lol:

Fucking hipster.

Great thread.

Here are a few classics starting with perhaps the most seminal band of all time and who many experts, myself included, concede as having invented the genre

This here is from one of the greatest albums ever recorded

Gone but not forgotten

Masters of their craft

An anthem, musical perfection

Breaking new ground


Smashing stuff Laz.

Particularly on La Bradford. Mi Media Naranja is, for me, one of the greatest albums ever recorded as well.

The opener is my favourite. They cut the violin ending short here for some reason.

How did I miss this? You are a gas man Farmer, a total rascal !

Yeah the whole album is just utterly fucking unreal farmer. I believe that that particular track you listed is somewhat historic in that it was the first time the band ever used percussion of any kind. They had some serious moments while they were with Kranky, don’t think they ever split up as such but haven’t heard fookall for a good few years now. Mark Nelson is the driving force of this lot though who’d be fairly brilliant themselves

Laz, did you listen to the Sparklehorse & Dangermouse collab LP?